Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Security


When it comes to your home and family, being able to effectively and consistently keep everyone comfortable and protected is very important. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing to do.

Here are some important considerations to make (straight from a police offer) regarding how to optimize safety and security of the home.

Sound the alarm
“A simple alarm system has been shown to reduce the likelihood of home invasion or robbery,” Keightley said. “For most would-be intruders, it’ll make them leave. They know the police are on their way. It stops a lot of crime in progress.”

Today’s alarm systems extend beyond notifying homeowners when a door is opened. Security features like locking windows and doors remotely are part of a larger home automation service.

“Most security systems have that (home automation) feature built in,” said Kenco Security and Technology general manager Jeff Guenthner, referring to additional automation services like lighting and thermostat control.

Geo-fences are another option, detecting when a customer leaves the property with their cellphone and shutting off unnecessary power to the dwelling.
It’s up to customers whether they want to utilize those services at the time of installation.

Smile, you’re on camera
When videos come in handy, the damage has likely been done. Because many videos submitted to the police department were recorded from cameras not mounted by professionals, Keightley says they sometimes cannot be used as evidence.

When professionals install cameras, they account for positioning and lighting. Homeowners can even view live feeds from their phone or computer, plus receive alerts when a motion sensor is activated.

“Typically customers are asking for video recording of their front door, their driveway, maybe in the front or backyard,” said Guenthner. “They want video of someone going in the backyard, using their pool.” (Tara Cady,

The best way to ensure your family is effectively protected (and to have the best peace of mind) is to get a professionally installed security system in your home, and we can help! Read more about our security products and contact us to learn more.