DIY Home Security

The term DIY (Do It Yourself) can sometimes be perceived as less than because of the lack of a professional touch, however this shouldn’t be the case – especially, if the products and direction for optimized use is sourced from a professional.

Security-tech expert David Brinkley stated that when it comes to DIY home security devices ‘the most important part of a security system is your router. Because the video quality is so high on most of these and they’re always communicating and always sending some type of signal…you want to make sure that that signal’s not interfering with the rest of your day-to-day activities from web browsing, working on streaming music from any of your providers, music or movies from any of your provider. You don’t want to interfere with any of that video signal coming through these.’ (John Carter,

Here at Henderson we believe in empowering everyone to create the safest spaces possible, whether through our installed products and monitoring services, or through our select DIY product options. With trusted names such as Carrier, Weiser and to name a few, we can help keep your home protected. Contact us to learn more today.