Disruption of Home Security Industry


Get with the times, or get left behind; wise words to live your life by. When it comes to home security systems times have greatly evolved from just the standard deadbolt at the front door. Having a deadbolt and other types of locks on your doors is still very important, however there is so much more to home security these days; a plethora of options to suit all security levels and budgets.

“Security systems were pretty standard before 2010. A wall-mounted panel alerted a central monitoring station of a potential break-in, smoke condition, or carbon-monoxide buildup while you were away. The system sent alerts when door- and window-mounted sensors detected doors or windows being opened. Glass sensors detected if a window broke (or got smashed), motion sensors detected movement, and detectors picked up on smoke and carbon-monoxide buildup. Inside the home, a siren sounded.

Monitoring-station employees received alerts via the security panel’s landline-phone connection, built-in cellular radio, or a home’s broadband modem. The central station then called the police or fire department—if they couldn’t reach the homeowner through a speakerphone built into a wall-mount or tabletop controller, or through the homeowner’s own cellphone.

These days, monitored systems not only send alerts to your smartphone so you can view live security-camera video from afar, but they also connect wirelessly to smart-home products such as door locks, in-wall light switches, thermostats, motorized shades, garage-door openers, and so-called smart-plug modules, which smarten up an electrical outlet.

With an integrated security and smart-home system, you can use a smartphone or tablet to monitor and control smart-home devices while you’re at or away from home. Many smart-home systems also automate home functions. They’ll turn on interior lights and change thermostat settings when you open the front door or garage door after getting home from work. You can program them to automatically lock all doors at 11 p.m. or turn lights on and off at preset intervals when you’re on vacation. You can also use them to check in on your kids when they get home from school.”

Advanced technology has changed what needs to be protected and the method by which the protection is done. For the best in the most modern forms of security for your home and business make sure to contact Henderson Security, Ottawa’s security professional.