Did You Know? – Silent Alarms

Forty years ago, 90% of alarm systems were silent alarms that required a separate leased phone line from Bell to transmit the alarm signal. The cost of this ranged from upwards of $200/month, just to have your security system monitored. The average price for a home security system was in the range of $5,000 and weren’t meant for the average everyday person.

Silent alarm systems resulted in more criminals being caught in the act, but many times it came at a price. The burglars were unaware that they had tripped an alarm system so they believed they had ample time to conduct their misdeeds including: destruction of property, ransacking of rooms and many other acts that are too disturbing to even mention.

With advancements in the security industry, every system installed today includes an internal siren. It’s a proven fact that noise will either prevent a burglary or push the burglar out of the premises once a siren has been tripped, thus minimizing theft and damage. The aim of Henderson Security is to prevent break ins from happening in the first place.