How To Enhance Cottage Security This Summer

It’s cottage season once again! And while the excitement to spend long summer days out on the lake is quickly building, the deep concern for cottage security is at the forefront of your mind. Each time you leave your cottage or cabin, you can’t help but wonder if you locked up your canoes, properly closed all your windows or put all of your tools away, and out of sight. To make matters worse, your cottage is hours away so double-checking your concerns is a much longer detour than you would like to take. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, second properties like cottages and rental units are more likely to be broken into. The higher rate of break-ins makes cottage security important and necessary. So, what can you do to improve your cottage security this summer? How can you give yourself peace of mind?

Lock Up

A simple but effective tip: lock up whenever you leave your cottage. Take extra caution when you lock your doors and windows, perhaps even double-check them.  All valuable tools and machinery should be properly stored in a well-maintained shed or garage with a proper lock. Lastly, be aware of where you store your canoes and kayaks. If you cannot store them indoors or out of sight, ensure that they are locked or chained securely. Most thieves are looking for a quick and easy break-in, so any preventative action helps to deter crime.

Make Sure Your Cottage Looks “Lived In”

Typically, burglars will not target homes or cottages that appear “lived in”. A “lived in” home is simply a home that appears active with everydaylife: lights turning on and off, the flicker of a television, music and/or radio, etc. Although subtle, these small adjustments matter; your kitchen light could make or break a burglar’s decision to attempt a break-in. Some electronics allow you to set a timer to turn them on and off, which gives people on the outside the semblance of activity within your cottage. An even easier solution is to invest in a smart home automation system like NEXGEN, which we discuss below.

Invest in a Cottage Security System

Did you know a security video surveillance system is one of the best deterrents of crime? Thieves often reconsider their actions when they see a camera on site. While a security system is definitely an investment, it is a smart investment that can save you time and money in the long run.

Henderson Security provides top of the line video surveillance systems. Residential and commercial clients customize these systems to make sure they are getting the proper security their cottages need. Plus, our systems are backed by our full warranty. Installing our video surveillance systems is like enlisting someone to watch over your cottage 24/7. Our team is essentially a second set of eyes to help protect your home away from home.

Use a Buddy System

Do you have a neighbour who lives at their cottage year-round or who is there more often than you? Enlist their help by asking them to keep an eye on your cottage, particularly for suspicious activity. If you tend to be away from your cottage during the colder months, you could even ask your neighbour to drive their car along your driveway to create tire tracks and the semblance that somebody is home.

Use NEXGEN Smart Home Automation

Take your cottage security to the next level by investing in Henderson Security’s NEXGEN Smart Home Automation System. While the cottage security tips above help to deter crime, a smart home system encompasses everything listed above.

NEXGEN Smart Home Automation is an advanced tool that connects you and your smartphone to your cottage’s automated features. From anywhere in the world, you are able to control lights, video cameras, thermostats, flood detection, appliances and much more, over the internet from your smartphone or tablet. With NEXGEN, you can increase your cottage’s “lived-in” feel, control video surveillance and assure your locks are locked – all from one app.

Without the stress of cottage security looming over your summer vacation, you can now fully enjoy your home away from home. For more insight into properly securing your cottage, contact Henderson Security.