Child Safety At Home

There are many things we can teach our children and family members at a young age about safety while at home and out of the house.  It is important to not only tell them how to be safe, but to also show them how to be safe, and to practice safety measures with your kids on a monthly basis so they become little professionals at staying safe at home! There is no better feeling, then to know your kids are safe and can be in control of an unwanted situation. Here is a Top 5 list of how to help keep your kids safe at home.


  • Teach them not to open the front door: If the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door, you can teach your children to call for mom or dad to come up the door. However, if no one else is home and they are alone, then teach them to stay quiet, away from the door, and wait for that person to leave. If someone familiar is at the front door and you are not home, teach your kids to call you and ask if its ok to answer the door first while remaining quiet enough that they don’t hear your kids voices from outside.


  • Make a “Favourites” on your phone: Create a list of trusted friends, family, or even neighbours on your phone, so that your children can them dial quickly in case of any emergency. Practice failing these numbers with your children regularly so they can easily take action if they ever feel that they are in danger.


  • Create a family code word: You can create a family code word that only you and your family know. Teach your children that no matter where they are or what they are doing, they can never leave with any body if they do not say that code word. You can teach this word to grandma, grandpa, and anyone else you trust. Use the word at home to remind them constantly of what this code word is. Make sure to keep it top secret so that no one else other than who you trust learns it, and change it often in case someone unwanted does happen to hear about this word.


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