How to Celebrate Safely At Home

Canada is celebrating a historic 150th anniversary! While this means that where will be a plethora of different celebrations (with a record breaking number of people expected to be at Parliament Hill), if you plan to do something that is a bit more having a party at home for friends and family, it’s important to do it safely.

Here are some tips to consider before, during and after throwing a celebratory house party:

  • Let your neighbours know about your party in advance. This will often lessen any concerns they have about parking or noise. Give them your contact details so if they do have any concerns on the night, they can get in touch with you rather than call the police.
  • Where possible, try and limit access routes to the property so you know who is coming in and out; make sure you close doors to bedrooms and private areas to protect your personal belongings and property.
  • Make sure your guests get home safely. Organize taxis or ensure there are designated drivers available to transport guests home.
  • When all is said and done, make sure you clean up any rubbish in your yard and any neighbouring properties. (source:

Another way to ensure that you’re home is as safe as possible during a party is by having an effective security system in place. Explore our different available safety products here and have a safe and Happy Canada Day!