Benefits of a Home Security System

Your home is your sanctuary; the one place where you can truly be yourself and be as comfortable as theory. Being in your home doesn’t mean you’re immune to the ills of the world, however. A home is still susceptible to the acts of those who think they should have access to all that you hold dear.

The best way to safeguard yourself, your family, and the integrity of your home and possessions is outfit your home with a professionally installed security system. Here are some of the benefits of having a professionally installed and monitored security system in your home.

Deters Crime

A 2009 study by Rutgers found that, as the number of home security systems increased in an area, the number of residential robberies decreased in that area, even for people who didn’t have their own security system. Having a security system not only protects you, but helps your neighborhood be a safer place for everyone.

Notifies You of Fire or Gas Problems

You can opt to receive notifications if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms go off when you’re away from home.

Lowers Homeowner’s Insurance

Yes, you may be paying a monthly fee for your security system, but having the system in your home can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. That, combined with the other benefits, makes home security a pretty good deal.”

When you first decide to outfit your home with a security system make sure to do your research as there are many companies out there that make claims of improved security but will sell you an inferior product at a premium price and leave you high and dry.

At Henderson Security, Ottawa’s home and business security services provider we use commercial grade security products installed by experts in the industry, paired with top of the line monitoring services to provide the best modern technological security approach and enhanced peace of mind.