Benefits of Commercial Security Protection

Our aim is to help keep people as safe and in control of the environment they’re in as possible. Whether that environment be the place that is called home, or a commercial space, providing an optimized and simplified way to provide added protecting is important.

When it comes to commercial spaces in particular, there are certain benefits of having a professionally installed and maintained security system to be mindful of.

A Reduction in Thefts.
Theft is a major problem in some industries. It happens internally in a company or externally, if your business has a lot of contact with the general public.
There are many cases of employees stealing from their employers for months and even years. This can become a serious issue. A staff member may attempt to steal once. If they are successful, they become braver and this issue becomes a routine. Over time a business could be losing thousands of pounds and not realise it. CCTV and the appropriate alarm systems prevent the temptation to steal like this.

Keeps Unwanted Visitors Out.
Business premises attract all kinds of people. Most are welcome, but there are certain individuals or groups of people you don’t want entering your premises. CCTV and alarm systems deter most intruders while intercom systems and access systems let you and your staff decide who can enter your business premises and who can’t.

Cheaper Commercial Insurance.
Commercial insurance premiums are calculated based on the various risks associated with a particular type of business. Installing a security system greatly reduces many of these risks. This in turn reduces the cost of insurance for many businesses.’ (Source:

Here at Henderson Security we have options able to suit whatever your particular needs and budget are. Contact us to learn more!