Avoiding Security Scams

In life it can sometimes be challenging to decipher between what is authentic and what is fraudulent as those who make it their aim to deceive people have gotten very good at what they do. The key is to keep educate yourself in order to remain aware and know when someone is trying to mislead you.

When it comes to home security there are sometimes people who go door to door claiming to be from a reputable company and are offering home security services. Most reputable companies however (Henderson included) would never attempt to gain new customers this way. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe if you ever encounter this situation:

Expect honesty
A reliable security company does not condone the use of aggressive sales tactics. Good security sales reps know they are talking to you about one of the most intimate aspects of your life: your home protection. They will be open and honest and make you feel comfortable. Using aggressive means — like pressuring you to buy now or refusing your repeated “no” — is a red flag.

Card them
If someone comes to your door claiming they’re selling alarm systems with a security company, ask to see ID. A legitimate security company is not going to send out their employees without credentials. Most door-to-door salespeople will already have an ID hanging off their lanyard or belt loop. If they don’t have ID, close the door — you could very well be dealing with a scammer.

Be leery of maintenance visits
If a salesperson comes to your door unannounced, claiming they need to upgrade or make repairs on your security system, do not let them inside. Unless you’ve personally called and asked for a technician or the security company called and scheduled a technician visit, no one claiming to be with your security company should enter your home.” (Clair Jones, safewise.com)

At Henderson Security your Ottawa home and business security specialist, our approach is to always be honest and forthright with our offerings, and we’ll never make a house call without well established prior notice.