4 Ways to Protect Your Home and Everything Inside It

Your home is a safe-haven; It’s where you collapse after a long day on the frontlines or where you hide away during pandemic outbreaks. While your humble abode provides safety and peace-of-mind, bad things can happen when you let your guard down.

Now more than ever, your home is a target for burglary and break-ins. According to CTV News, Ottawa has seen a 70% increase in break and enters.

Here’s how to reduce the risk of becoming a target and protect your home:

Lock it up

This one may seem obvious but, you’d be surprised by the number of people that don’t lock all doors and windows before they leave their home. Whether you’re stepping out to get groceries or sun-bathing in the backyard, locking your front door can prevent thieves from slipping in and stealing your valuables. Take the time to check all entry points to your home before leaving.

Maintenance is key

A manicured yard, “Beware of Dog” sign, and an empty mailbox can go a long way. Giving your home a lived-in look can deter burglars from breaking in. Make sure to collect your mail, mow the lawn, and park in your driveway as often as possible. This lets potential burglars know that your home in occupied and therefore much more difficult to ransack.

Beware of boxes

Online shopping is on the rise, and with that comes “porch pirates”. Don’t leave big box packaging, especially high-priced items like TVs, computers etc., unattended for too long. This could signal potential burglars that you have more goods worth stealing in your home.

Sound the alarm

Locking all the doors and windows is one thing, but arming your security system provides the ultimate peace-of-mind. When you leave the house, always make sure to set your home alarm if you have one. If you don’t, we can help you find the right one!

With Henderson Security, you get more than just a home security system or burglar alarm; You get a commitment from a team of responsible and specially trained security experts who have been in the security industry for almost 60 years. Call (613)-728-6467 or visit our site to learn more about staying safe and protecting your home.