2019 Tech Trends for Home Security

Technology is evolving constantly, which has an impact on the home security industry. Now, technology allows you to use your cellphone remotely to buzz people into your building or turn off the stove. Get ready to feel more secure with these new home security tech trends in 2019.

Smart Home Automation

What is Smart Home Automation? It gives you the ability to control all automated aspects of your home via your smartphone or tablet. A single, connected Smart HUB controls all home automation features through a single common source. A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.

Smart Home Automation is the ultimate form of control. It is a modern way of linking one’s home electronic systems to useful appliances around your home. This includes; lighting, heating, home security equipment, entertainment devices, and other useful appliances. It is an intelligent network that gives users complete control over all of their devices. Systems like NEXGEN are the future of home safety. NEXGEN has the ability to replace traditional hardwired security systems.

All-in-one-systems like NEXGEN, allow you to check on your house from afar. Camera systems have improved security and we expect to see this continue in 2019. Security cameras have given residents of apartment buildings more control by shifting video intercom access to cellphones. Also, NEXGEN is perfect for things like allowing temporary access to house cleaners, caregivers, house sitters, etc. You are able to remotely view cameras for enhanced security.

Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Top smart home security devices include wireless surveillance cameras and keyless entry locks and deadbolts. Today’s cameras can live stream video directly to your compatible smart device, send you e-mail notifications when movement or activity is detected and record footage. Reliable and cost-effective, NEXGEN provides additional convenience, flexible coverage and intuitive integration with personal technology devices so users can stay in touch and in control.

What makes wireless surveillance cameras even more appealing to home owners is that you have the freedom to install them anywhere, so they can protect their property without any restrictions.

Voice Activation

Voice activation is a very promising smart home tech trend for 2019. With rising trend of Alexa and Siri comes the expectation for voice activation integration in home security systems. So why is this trend important and how will it benefit home owners?

Smart Home voice activation features will improve home security, making home automation easier and efficient. Home owners should expect their home security system to act on voice commands for: turning the lights on and off, controlling thermostats, and humidity controls. Voice command capabilities let you tell a virtual assistant to shut the garage door while you cook dinner.


Home security technology will become bigger and better in 2019, and this will help make security systems safer and more efficient.